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Area 6413

Here is an excerpt from a Utah reporter who was hot on the trail of a rumored...... “New” Area 51.

"Measuring 68' long, the lifting-body shaped craft was a direct descendant of the ultra-high performance Have Region aircraft.  It could take off vertically, fly faster than Mach 15 soar to 50-mile altitudes and then land on an ordinary runway."


Dugway Proving Ground


Space Missions~~~~

     ...the fastest re-entry ever...

The capsule followed a drastic reentry profile, going from a velocity of Mach 36 to subsonic speed within 110 seconds.[39] Peak deceleration was 34 g,[40] encountered 40 seconds into the reentry at an altitude of 55 km over Spring Creek, Nevada.[39] The PICAheat shield reached a temperature of more than 2,900 °C during this steep reentry.[41] The capsule then parachuted to the ground, finally landing at 10:12 UTC at the Utah Test and Training Range (40°21.9′N 113°31.25′W), near the U.S. Army 

The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Systems Directorate is responsible for inception-to-retirement, integrated weapons system management of Minuteman weapon systems. The Directorate develops, acquires and supports silo-based ICBMs and provides program direction and logistics support as the single face to the customer. The Directorate is also responsible for acquisition, systems engineering, and depot repair. They manage equipment spares, provide storage and transportation, and accomplish modifications and equipment replacement to sustain silo-based ICBM systems

The Little Mountain Test Facility

The Little Mountain Test Facility is a state-of-the-art test facility, Air Force Materiel Command laboratory dedicated to simulation testing of nuclear hardness, survivability, reliability and electromagnetic compatibility of defense systems. Center test laboratories simulate environments for nuclear radiation, air blast, shock and vibration, electromagnetic pulse, electromagnetic interference, and compatibility testing.

The Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR) is located 50 miles west of the base on 2,675 square miles of land. 

The Oasis Compound and its adjacent Missile Storage Area northeastern portion of the UTTR

Space Missions~

....the fastest re-entry ever....