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World Pirate Radio News™ (Show Segment#12)

~~~~ Treasure Hunt # 4



This... hole... listen carefully to the sound..

~~~~ Basic Training US Army

F Battery 3rd Bat 4th Platoon

~~~~The 4 Corners

The 4 Corners  


The area now called Four Corners was initially American Indian land and beginning in the 16th century it was claimed by Spain as part of New Spain. After Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821, the area was governed by Mexico until being ceded to the United States by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 following the United States' victory in the Spanish American War. 

The first boundary which would become part of the monument was set as part of the Compromise of 1850, which created the New Mexico Territory and Utah Territory. The border between the two territories was congressionally defined as the 37th parallel north by the 31st United States Congress. In 1861, the 36th United States Congress transferred land previously allocated to the Utah Territory, to the newly created Colorado Territory. The Colorado Territory's southern border would remain as the 37th parallel north, but a new border—between the Colorado and Utah Territories—was declared to be the 32nd meridian west from Washington. This line was derived from the reference used at the time, the Washington meridian.

In 1860, just prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War, a group of people in the southern portion of New Mexico Territory passed a resolution condemning the United States for creating such a vast territory with only a single, small government in place at Santa Fe. They claimed by doing so the U.S. had ignored the needs of the southern portion, left them without a functional system of law and order, and allowed the situation to deteriorate into a state of chaos and near anarchy.

The group declared secession from the United States and announced their intent to join the Confederate States of America under the name of the Arizona Territory. The U.S. Congress responded in 1863 by creating another Arizona Territory with different, but partially overlapping boundaries. The Confederate boundaries split New Mexico along an east–west line, the 34th parallel north, allowing for a single state connection from Texas to the Colorado River. This would give the Confederacy access to California and the Pacific coast. The Union definition split New Mexico along a north–south line, the 32nd meridian west from Washington, which simply extended the boundary between Colorado and Utah southward. The Union plan eventually became reality, and this created the quadripoint at the modern Four Corners.[14] After the split, New Mexico resembled its modern form, with only slight differences.

 Canyonlands eSolutions. Retrieved 2009-03-10.
Navajo Parks and Recreation

Struhs - Own work: Photograph made by me
Struhs - Own work: Photograph made by me
Metallic plate marking the "four corners" spot where the boundaries of the U.S. states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet.
File:Four Corners Monument Marker 2012.jpg
Created: 20 June 2012
Location: 36° 59′ 56.33″ N, 109° 2′ 42.72″ W

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The Four Corners Monument marks the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. It is the only point in the United States shared by four states, leading to the area being named the Four Corners region.

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~~~~ Treasure Hunt # 3

Forrest Fenn's  Third Book 

"Once Upon A While"

Forrest Fenn’s newest book, 'Once Upon A While,' completes his memoir trilogy. The first memoir 'The Thrill of the Chase,' published nearly eight years ago, has encouraged tens of thousands of individuals and families to search for a treasure hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe. His second memoir, 'Too Far to Walk,' published four years ago, has been a close rival in reader popularity. The new book colorfully showcases 39 mini-episodes in the life of a remarkable man, author and icon who never rests. Stories from jumping off a terrifying bridge as a teenager, riding a fast horse through mountain passes and nearly everything else in-between is bound in this beautifully produced volume. Photographs; graphics and many surprise illustrations from the author himself, as well as an honest and warm Foreword by friend and author Douglas Preston are included.

ISBN: 9780692950555

Publisher: Phat Page Design
Publication Date: November 30th, 0002
Pages: 192

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Treasure Hunt # 2

Is the treasure really worth risking your life over?

Doug Preston is a best-selling author and a longtime friend of Fenn's. He says he saw the chest in the walk-in vault in Fenn's house before he hid it, and Preston can attest that it was filled with gold nuggets, gold coins, pre-Columbian gold figures, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.
"As far as proof goes [that he hid the
 treasure] there's no proof," Preston says. He also lives in Santa Fe. "It's hard to prove a negative. The negative is that the chest is gone. It's not in his house and it's not in his vault. And also knowing Forrest for as long as I have, I can absolutely say with 100 percent confidence that he would never pull off a hoax. I'm absolutely sure that he hid that treasure chest."

Here is the famous Poem 

Photo courtesy of Forrest Fenn

A noted New Mexico archaeologist contacted for this story says he, too, saw the treasure and he also believes Fenn is not a trickster.

Here is a link to check out the next book:   To Far To Walk 


The Journey - In The Camera Eye Year 3: ~~~~Treasure Hunt. # 1

The Journey - In The Camera Eye Year 3: ~~~~Treasure Hunt. # 1: ~~~~Who is Forrest Fenn...?  In a nutshell, Forrest Fenn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he started an art gallery, raised a family...

~~~~Treasure Hunt. # 1

~~~~Who is Forrest Fenn...?

 In a nutshell, Forrest Fenn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he started an art gallery, raised a family, collects artifacts, writes books and made a fortune. He has hidden approximately a million dollars of his fortune in gold and gems in an old world, bronze chest pictured to the left (he paid $25K for the chest alone). 


Forrest Fenn, 84, believes too many Americans spend their free time watching TV or playing video games. He hopes the bounty he hid — a chest filled with millions of dollars in gold coins, diamonds and emeralds, among other gems — will prompt some to explore the outdoors. "Get your kids out in the countryside, take them fishing and get them away from their little hand-held machines,"


However... he had a life changing event....


His life story, his incredible military service, and his battle with cancer are well documented in his books .  That's right, his is an accomplished author as well.

Here is Forrest Fenn's "resource" website: 


Here is the infamous poem......

  • As I have gone alone in there And with my treasures bold,I can keep my secret where,And hint of riches new and old.Begin it where warm waters halt And take it in the canyon down,Not far, but too far to walk.Put in below the home of Brown.  From there it's no place for the meek,The end is ever drawing nigh;There'll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high.  If you've been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease,But tarry scant with marvel gaze,Just take the chest and go in peace.So why is it that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek?The answers I already know,I've done it tired, and now I'm weak.So hear me all and listen good,Your effort will be worth the cold.If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.

~ Please be aware that this post concerning Forrest Fenn's treasure, is a work in progress.  Anytime that I have new information I will update the post with numbered entree's.  For example; Treasure Hunt # 1 .

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Live  With Dahboo 7 

Underground World News  LIVE

Mr A joins Dahboo 7  

Tne Same Hand......



A Kansas sheriff's deputy dead, 1 in critical condition after shooting near courthous

The suspect was also shot and is undergoing surgery. No other details were released about the suspect, including his condition. 
Both Rohrer and the unidentified officer were transported to the University of Kansas Medical Center, where Rohrer later died.
Major Kelli Bailiff, of the Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office, said it was possible the deputies were shot with their own weapons.

Jupider   ......     19.5 degree's

You might not have noticed it, but the number 19 and specifically 19.5 degrees hold a very important place in the universe. Let’s start with a few facts here:

One of the most interesting things is that the north-to-south axis of the whole complex of Teotihuacan is divided by distance between the centers of the Sun and Moon pyramids (2,400 meters / 800 meters) = 3. The spacing of the city’s streets, fifty-seven (57) meters divided by 3 = 19. 19 = 3 x 3 x 1.059 (the twelfth root of 2). 1.059 x 60 x 100,000 = 6,354,000. (Very near the span of the polar radius of the planet in meters.)

The number nineteen also plays a unique role in the measure of the Pentagon, the explanation: the diagonal of the Pentagon has the remarkable property of being the geometric mean between the diameters of the circumscribing circle and the height of the Pentagon. These numerical relationships which approach those of the Pharaonic canon of 18 and 19, are as follows: diameter/diagonal=20/19.021=diagonal/height=19.021/18.092=1.051

It turns out that the number 19 is significant to the Baha’i, Their calendar is actually 19 months of 19 days each.The Bahai also attribute significance to the number 95, which is 19 x 5. Furthermore, the EarthStar western North America map is proven to have 95 points; according to several authors, there are 19 ‘main’ points, the points of the 19 triangles, the 19 ‘halfway’ points on the inner ring, and the 38 points on the middle ring.

19.5 degrees is the angle that’s been found by researchers (Richard C. Hoagland, Stanley McDaniel, Erol Torun, Horace W. Crater, etc.) to be repeatedly encoded in the structures of Cydonia on Mars.

It has been found to be associated with various ancient structures here on earth, like Giza pyramids, Avebury (the largest stone circle in the world, near Stonehenge), Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, etc. It is also worth noting that the Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius, the brightest star in the sky which was extremely important to ancient Egyptians, is an equilateral triangle which can be viewed as a 2-dimensional representation of a tetrahedron; and in the Egyptian translation, it means a doorway.

Curiously, it has also been observed that 19.5 degrees are closely linked, for some reason, with the NASA space missions (for example, Mars Pathfinder landed at 19.5 degrees lat. of Mars on July 4, ’97). In fact, not only did Pathfinder landed at 19.5 N, the longitude of the landing site was approximately 33 W – which is the very number of the longitude of the apex of the Great Bend of the Nile (33 E)


On Venus: the presumably active major volcano complexes Alpha and Beta Regio are near 19.5 degrees.

On Earth, we have quite a number of places that are connected to 19.5 degrees. Mauna Loa, the largest shield volcano is at 19.6 degrees north. This is Mauna-Kea volcano on the island of Hawaii

The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is at 19.6 degrees north. (19 degrees 23 minutes N, 99 degrees 10 minutes W)

On Mars: the “vast” Olympus Mons shield cone volcano is at 19.5 degrees.

On Jupiter: the “red spot” which is an obvious vortex is at 19.5 degrees.

On Neptune: in 1986 Voyager II discovered a similar spot at 19.5 degrees north.

19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudes where the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere will contact that sphere’s surface when one apex is positioned at the north or south pole.


Homage to Pythagoras: Rediscovering Sacred Science, Christopher Bamford, ed., Lindisfarne Press, 1994.


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