Tuesday, January 22, 2019

~~~~ New Navy Amphib Assault Strategy: "Mother Ships" Launch Small Boat Attacks

Mother Ships ~ the new US NAVY strategy 

By Warrior Maven Kris Osborn

The future of amphibious attack may consist of thousands of disaggregated manned and unmanned surveillance boats, small attack vessels, operating in tandem.

The concept is to configure a dispersed, yet “networked” fleet of next-generation connectors and other smaller boats launched from big-deck amphib “mother ships.”

“We envision fleets of smaller, multi-mission vessels, operating with surface warfare leadership. People talk about a 355-ship Navy, how about a 35,000-ship Navy?,” Maj. Gen. David Coffman, Director of Naval Expeditionary Warfare, told an audience at the Surface Naval Association Symposium.
Coffman explained it as a “family of combatant craft, manned and unmanned, integrated in a distributed maritime operation.”


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